4 Steps To Raising Pheasant

When I was a kid I practiced my hypnosis on Pheasant birds. They are susceptible to hypnosis so it is good to have some birds around to practice on. This is a short guide to raising them so that you too can get your practice in.

1. The pheasant is a fowl which is characterized by its colorful plumage pretty, especially in males. The latter, in fact, has some spectacular feathers with metallic reflections and brilliant color. The female, however, has a less showy plumage than the male, and generally tend to brown in color but is rich in abundant streaks. Besides the feathers, even the head of this animal is rather unique, with colors ranging from green to blue, and of purple notes. The wings are short enough, on the contrary of the tail, longer in males and in females slightly shorter. This guide will talk about pheasants and, specifically, we will explain how to breed these animals.

2. The first aspect to consider, when you decide on raising pheasants is that we are faced with the polygamous animals. Specifically, from the results obtained after different tests, it was determined that the ideal number of females for a male specimen is 6. Instead, the breeding season begins in February, and ends in July. Taking into account these factors, it is necessary to create an environment that allows 7 elements, ie the male and female to 6, living in total tranquility the phase that should lead to reproduction. A good rule is to make sure that the place where they live is a perfect place, which is generally represented by a classical rectangular aviary. In this case, it is necessary to provide a dirt floor, and then choose a model that can guarantee at least 2 meters of space for each animal. As regards the height, however, this should be a couple of meters, so as to enable the pheasants could fly. We note that these animals do not have the remarkable ability to fly, but they love to fly at very low altitudes.
3. Along the perimeter of the aviary, you need to create a border. In this regard, it is sufficient to use some tables. This board has the function of preventing, pheasants, to be able to see everything that is on the outside. In this way, we guarantee a high level of tranquility, within their environment. The network which encloses the place where the pheasants are located, must be high a couple of meters, in-ground for about twenty centimeters, and with the mesh of about 40 millimeters. It is therefore necessary to mount a shed, so as to cover at least half of the aviary, which should be used for the deposition of the eggs. This makes sure that the farmer can collect eggs, without going to disturb the animals. Of course, they are positioned drinkers, feeders and racks.
4. It must also be provided the protections against cannibalism. It is essential, therefore, the use of artificial protection such as glasses, the copribecchi and parabecchi. The courtship tends to start with the male intent on turning around the female choice, rubbing its wings to the ground and emitting very powerful whistles. Subsequently, it will tend to inflate the feathers below the neck. If the female will agree to take cover, will crouch to the ground. Generally, pheasant females can lay, within the aviary, a score of about eggs. The percentage of fertile eggs is, however, equal to approximately 60% of those produced. In nature, however, the quantity of eggs laid is slightly lower.


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